Transformation is rarely linear, Sometimes progress feels like fear + TRUST is a verb.

So: find what sparks your fire, stay the course and find the tribe that will support you every. step. of. the. way. (spoiler alert: that's us) 

Thank YOU for making this tribe great, Butisattva. Enjoy this month's inspiration, recipe, playlist and a few special perks ❤️




This simple Butisattva favorite ("I make this 2-3 times a WEEK") keeps well in the fridge—and is perfect in the heat of summer. 

Garlic Sauteed Tomatoes  

Prep time: 5 min Cook Time: 10 min Servings: 2  

Ingredients: 4 Roma tomatoes Salt + Pepper to Taste 1 T Garlic crushed 2 T Olive Oil  

Directions: 1. Cut your tomatoes in half crosswise, season with salt and pepper. 

2. In a small frying pan add crushed garlic, olive oil , cook until golden. 

3. Add tomato slices and saute until brown

Enjoy! Store in the fridge for up to 3 days.


You'll gain way more than the technical skills you need to lead a Buti class. 

"It took me three years to give myself permission to spend this time and money on myself. This was an experience of a lifetime. There aren't even words to express how you feel after all is said and done. 

You leave feeling empowered, strong, emotionally charged and in tune with your body, and with a new found respect for the practice and yourself for showing up. Best experience to date. 


" I went in to the weekend thinking I was taking certification just to deepen my practice and it has lead to so much more- physically and emotionally.

 Not only did it inspire me to teach Buti to others, but inspired me to continue my training and sign up for yoga teacher training as well. The class, and the bonds created with other women in the class is truly priceless!"



The foundation of every one of our certificaton experiences is genuine connection, LOVE and a level of support foreign to most of us. 

"My first live BUTI class was at my cert and it dissolved any doubt about why I had signed up for a certification online after having only streamed video classes.  

 There was a power in the air and smiles everywhere. I didn't know women could come together like that—to move and feel and sweat and share and cry, while working out and feeling good and having fun!"  


"SOUL-FULL. I found my way back "home", To a place within that I had been missing for so long. The friendships that were born have been blessings!

Watching women supporting other women was the biggest take away for me. I almost had lost faith that that type of community and love was possible."  



Somthing beautiful happens when you go (safely) beyond what you think possible. Still seeking Buti Bliss? Trust us on this one: certification will take you there. 

 "I NEVER thought I would ever become an instructor because of issues with my shoulder/neck. But, BUTI actually helped me gain strength and overcome obstacles I use to have! 

 I went, not knowing what to expect. The weekend was amazing. All these women in the same room with the same love for the practice, wanting to learn more to better themselves and others. Demo Day was scary for me... I just went out there and blacked out and did it!! I was mentally and physically exhausted but my heart was SO full! "


" Every time I stepped on my mat, I was able to BRING IT - for the strong woman in the front of the room guiding us, for the fearless babes coaching and cheering us on from the sidelines, for my girls on their mats right next to me and all around me, and for myself - because we CAN do hard things - 

I know without the collective energy in that space, that wouldn't have been possible. I walked away empowered, stronger, more confident, and with a knowing that I am (WE are) absolutely a part of something with BUTI that is bigger than any one of us."



Don't overthink your demo day. Your nerves are part of this experience. You won't just gain trust in your Buti abilities certifying with us, you'll leave with a greater trust in YOURSELF.

 "I thought being a student changed me as a woman, but going to the certification changed my life and helped me deal with issues I thought were settled!!! I love my new friendships and support team. It is so refreshing to have women support and empower each other!!!

Never thought at 47 I would fall in love with a workout and want to get certified! It's not just a fabulous and amazing workout, it is a new way of life!!!"


"I was SO nervous about going to certification... I learned to participate and entered the scary situation to find that EVERYONE is nervous going to cert. You learn almost instantly that everyone's journey leaves them with moments of self-doubt and indecision. I learned to trust myself, and to trust the practice more. 

 You CAN'T fail. You can only try again. It was a turning point for me. I didn't pass RIGHT NOW but that isn't a life sentence. In one weekend I learned to appreciate and love the practice and the process even more than I did already"



"If you are considering getting certified, don't think twice. Nervous? Scared? Unsure? That's okay. 

Step out of your comfort zone and JUST DO IT. You won't regret it!!!"  


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